• World rank:10
  • Index score:93.6

In the market

  • Awareness The percentage of respondents who are aware of either the term ‘3D printing’ or ‘additive manufacturing’ 83%
  • Adoption The percentage of respondents who have adopted 3D printer technology in their business 41%

Among users


Key Applications

  • 73% Prototyping
  • 54% Production tools
  • 49% End-use parts

Key materials

  • 61% Plastic/polymers
  • 15% Carbon fiber
  • 21% Composites

Perceived benefits
of 3D printing

  • 3D printing will have a significant positive impact on the business next year

  • 3D printing can offer extensive benefits to bring new concepts and design ideas to life

  • 3D printing offers a much more effective way of making tools, jigs, and fixtures than traditional methods

  • 3D printing is the most efficient way to
    produce small batches of products and components


Netherlands a small market, but adoption is strong and sentiment is positive

Ranked 10th on the Index currently, adoption rates are in line with the global average and awareness is actually one of the highest.

It is perhaps a little behind in terms of its adoption of production tooling applications and is less likely to be looking at printing in metal. However, in many other respects it is no more or less advanced than the typical picture.

In many ways the Dutch market is fairly advanced, but it must be considered that with a population less than one third the size of a European market like Italy, its long-term potential will be limited by its size. One source estimated the total value of the Dutch market at €45 million in 2015, a time when many other countries were significantly larger.1

The lack of a great number of large manufacturers (more abundantly present in markets like Germany) was identified at the time as a potentially constraining factor on long term growth. However, another source estimated the market at €100 million by 2017 which was predicted to rise by 20% in a year. 2

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Why does 3D printing sentiment matter?

Sentiments are the start of a domino effect. Positive sentiments lead to positive behavior and investments, resulting in a future of significant and sustainable market growth.

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