The Ultimaker S3 product tour

How does this compact 3D printer really work to make business better?

Join 3D printing expert, Matt Griffin, as he demonstrates the design-to-print workflow and explains why the Ultimaker S3 has become his favorite machine.

Watch this (slightly biased) 13-minute webinar to learn:

  • All the internal and external features that make the Ultimaker S3 capable for so many different projects
  • The 2 reasons why the Ultimaker S3 can print bigger parts than its predecessor – despite using the same size build plate
  • Why it made sense that the Ultimaker S3 only has one glass door (with a hinge on the left)
  • The untold story behind the 3D printer's creation – from the minds who envisioned and built it

By the end of this webinar, you will understand whether the Ultimaker S3 could be the daily driver 3D printer you've been looking for.

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